Saturday, April 18, 2009

Excerpt: Saturnday's 1-liner

She felt dizzy. She unbuckled her belt, pants, and she sat. Her head hurt as if she had been crying for hours. She peed, and somehow knew that when she stood, the color would be dark, a cue to get and stay hydrated. The ship turned hard, reminding her that she was on duty, still underway, chasing submarines. The seat creaked beneath her.

She remembered reentering the Bridge, her ballcap pulled down low. And Petrea telling her to go lie down, that he would finish her watch until her relief came on duty. Everything beyond ten feet was just fog.

“Do you have the midnight watch?”
“Uh, yes,” Julian deduced.

“You gonna be okay for that?”
“Yes, thank you.”

“If you need some time, you just let me know, Shipmate.”