Friday, April 17, 2009

Excerpt: Friday's 1-liner

By the time the food came, the three were laughing about a marching band incident that took place on Kali’s school bus.

The bus was running late to a competition. Players had to change into their marching uniforms on the bus. By some miscalculation, twenty-four girls had complete outfits and three were missing pants. So three lads from the pit crew—the marimba, electric bass, and tubular bell players—sacrificed theirs.

But during the event—despite well-cinched belts and improvised hemming—one girl’s borrowed trousers freed themselves. During a precision maneuver, she and her flute went down on one soggy knee. Somehow, the flag team portion of the squad improvised on the spot, shading the fall as best they could with a flourish of twirls, ruffles, and other silk and canvas decoys.

When Kali finished telling the tale, the adults were laughing so hysterically that they didn’t—couldn’t!—appropriately thank their server.