Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Minute hands & microphones

I bought a new microphone today.
I didn't buy it because it's
the Larry King desktop style, but that didn't hurt, either.
(Cue the suspenders & six wives.)

Will start recording the audio book on Wednesday.

*** Pop Quiz! ***
Circle True or False:
I was once the voice of the Kodak voice response unit.

"Welcome to InfoExpress... a Kodak system
that delivers information on Kodak products and services.
If this is your first visit, and you'd like an index, press 1.
If you know the document you desire, press 2."

If you circled True, 5 points!

I promise to save/include the outtakes!
"Julian pursed his... dang! HER..."
"Julian pressed up against the Washington monu... shoot!"
"Julian pressed up against the washing machine. The spin cycle always summoned..."

...and so it goes.

practicing my semaphore.jpg or swatting bees.tif