Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday: Beautiful Followers

100 posts in 100 days
everyone has been so very generous!
i never dreamed i would find such a
c o n n e c t i o n ...with such incredible people!

i am indebted to each of you
and now it's time to move to a new phase. i will soon:
. be posting once/twice a week
. find the Agent/Publisher that can help bring this dream to fruition
. begin conjuring a new tale

you are now part of this story
i am eager for you to discover everything woven within these excerpts...
. paragraphs born in tears
. pages nourished by the bottle (of ink!)
. threads that mature and finally connect

Julian Monroe is inside each of us.
her pain and joy and discoveries are things
we all experience - but sometimes reading that
reassures us, makes us see our own lives as sane, sacred, hopeful.

my dream is to meet each of you
at a simple table in your local book store,
to hand you a copy of myQ and myC, and to thank you with my heart.

this is but the beginning.
peace~ Chuck