Saturday, April 11, 2009

Excerpt: Saturnday's 1-liner

A breeze came down the road and gently elbowed the sleepy wind chimes, rusty from the salt air but still able to wake and produce a clear, meaningful song.

Kali scratched her nose through the blanket, sighed, and put her head against Julian’s shoulder. Julian didn’t speak, but felt a warm smile come across her face. She enjoyed Kali’s perspective, enjoyed the opportunity to help make sense of her young world.

“Well, I better go.”
“Okay, Honey.”

Julian got up, then steadied the swing. Kali slid off, landing as if she had springs in her feet. Somehow, Julian felt like this conversation did the girl some good. Hence the lightness!

She held her arms open and Kali fell into them, the side of her head surprisingly warm. Kali cantered down the steps and across the little strip of grass that separated the two homes. Julian watched until she had confirmation of her safe passage.

Kali shook hands with the screen door, and it welcomed her in its stretchy spring voice. Kaa-liii. She let go, knowing it would apply horizontal gravity to complete its task, its slam her seal of assurance.

Julian rubbed her arms to warm them, then carried the blanket and Popsicle sticks inside, her shoes echoing.