Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Excerpt: Tuesday's 1-liner

As soon as they pulled into their adjacent driveways, Kali slammed her car door and flew across the little strip of grass that separated their homes. She was shouting, but Julian couldn’t hear her clearly.

“Did you flea at mop? We braved moo!”
“Wait–lemme get this helmet off! Can’t hear.” Julian fumbled with the strap. There.

“Did you see that cop?”
“Cop? Oh, yeah.”

“He waved at you!”
“Waved! Waved, like, ‘Hey, Sugar!’ or like ‘Pull over, now!’”

“I think he saluted you!”
“Ha! Saluted! Really!”

By now, Natalie had joined them. “Kali was convinced there was gonna be an international incident, or something!”