Sunday, March 8, 2009

Excerpt: Sunday's 1-liner

Cat bent the banana until it broke at the four-inch mark. She put the broken end in her mouth and turned to Julian, who responded only with tightened abs, a huge smile. It was obvious that Cat wanted her to take a bite, but Julian froze! Cat put her hand up and gave a cute, little “Come on!” sign. Julian stifled a laugh, unable to explain the little, feminine shot of adrenaline in her pecs.

Cat stepped forward less than a foot, but it might as well have been a leap–well within Julian’s zone. To make Julian feel more comfortable, she closed her eyes and waited. It worked. When the eye contact went away, the intensity lessened–but not by much! Julian moved as if in slow motion, forward, forward, almost falling. She could have easily bitten off her share and left it at that. But why would she? Why would she not play along?

She opened her mouth, barely wide enough to allow the banana between her lips. She felt herself taking it in, no longer a passive participant. She closed her teeth ever so slightly so that Cat would sense what was happening. A second later, she bit.