Saturday, March 28, 2009

Excerpt: Saturnday's 1-liner

Julian pulled her cap down over her eyes, just to be clever and coy. It didn’t work. As Cat turned to grab some scones, she called out, “Hey, stranger!”

Julian lifted her chin up—way up, on account of the low hat brim—and smiled. She decided she must look very stupid, hidden but so easily discovered. She ambled over and got in line. “Hey, the ship’s broken down, so we’re staying the night. I just came in for a loaf of…”

”Stay here.”

“Stay here. Alex is off with Henry for the next few nights. I’ve got some movies, some wine…”
“Oh! Really!”

“Oh, hell yeah,” she said as if three words were one. “Ohhellyeah. If you can get away, let’s have some girl fun.”
“Okay—cool! What time should I…”

“Grab your gear and get over here!” Then she added, “Want anything ‘to go’?”
“Maybe I’ll take a couple loaves of something sweet.”

“Sweet and sticky—comin’ up.” She was away for just a few seconds. “Here—these are for the troops. We’ll square up later, Love.”