Friday, March 20, 2009

Excerpt: Friday's 1-liner

He watched as Julian assimilated the new information. He watched with anticipation to see—finally—what it was that she felt.

But there were footsteps. Julian grabbed a nearby Phillips screwdriver and rag—preventative maintenance gear—and feigned wiping the former with the latter. A couple of Signalman entered the Bridge.

“Morning,” the two called. They went through the watertight door that led to the starboard Bridge Wing, closed it, and climbed one more level to the Signal Bridge. Aaron and Julian heard boots overhead. Julian felt a stab in her chest. Just seconds into this romance, they were faking, feeling guilty.

Aaron broke the tension with humor, whispering, “0730. Time for the Signalmen to get stoned.”
“Yeah, for the first time, today, anyway!”