Friday, February 27, 2009

Excerpt: something from today

Both felt as though the world was seeing the two of them as the two of them. And now, as they munched their salads and sipped their wine, they got to see how much of it was true. Where to begin. So much water under their bridges, even in their young lives. They had no choice but to dive in.

“I think we should alternate questions.”
Lee wiped his mouth with his napkin, cleared his throat. “Hmm?”

“I think we should take turns asking difficult, probing questions.”
“Okay, I’m game. Good idea.”

“I’ll start, since I don’t really like the salad dressing.”
“You don’t?” he asked. “Want mine?”

“Hey!” she retorted. “That was two questions! And I said that I would start!”
He laughed. “Okay. Shoot.”

She studied his face. She squinted, pretending to examine him. She inhaled audibly, trying to throw him off balance, making him wonder when and where the probing would begin.

“Okay… who was your last or who is your current girlfriend?”
“Amy. Who was your last girlfriend?” he wisecracked.

“Caterina,” she shot back.

Instantaneous laughter erupted. This was not your grandfather’s icebreaker – this was just effing hysterical! Already, the hilarity was intense enough to cause coughing. Already, there was a danger of wine or water coming out where it shouldn’t.